Sleeper Prospect in the ACC

Ish Smith for Wake Forest can be a very good player. He's the fastest player end-to-end, with or without the ball in basketball (sorry Denis Clemente and Kemba Walker). He's not quite a scorer and he needs to work on his jumper, but I think he could catch on as a change of pace PG in the NBA with his PG skills and athleticism. I like him alot.

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Really, you think anyne is

Really, you think anyne is faster than John Wall at the college level? But about the kid, I have never seen him play, but is he a long term prospect or short?

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He could be a good backup in

He could be a good backup in the NBA immediately if he continues to play good this year. He's probably a short term prospect, even though he does seem to have some upside left.

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