Linas Kleiza

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Linas Kleiza

He is absoleutly dominating in Europe this year. 18 pts and 7 rebounds per game in only 29 minutes. I am still really dissapointed that he went over to Europe in the first place, as I thought he really could have been and impact player this year and had a breakout season, What do you guys think? Am I overrating his value, or could he have been really good?

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Can't he come back to the

Can't he come back to the NBA next season?

If so, I think he could be a good addition for a team who needs some scoring off the bench

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18 and 7? Thats pretty good

18 and 7? Thats pretty good but is that really dominating in Euro basketball? I am asking. I dont watch euro ball so I have no clue.

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i think thats dominating

i think thats dominating because he's only playing 29 mpg now if he plays starter mins then he would be pushing 30ppg and 10rpg

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Kleiza's a really good

Kleiza's a really good player, he played well when he was with the Nuggets, he fits playing 6th man roles. He would be a valuable fit with a contender maybe the Hawks or Cavs?

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18 and 7 are MVP numbers in

18 and 7 are MVP numbers in European basketball. Most NBA players put up numbers that would be considered mediocre/below average in Eupore, but are/where very productive in the NBA (Brandon Jennings, Josh Childress and Janerro Pargo as examples). So for him to put up 18 and 7 is very good for that league.

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He was prety good

I thought that he was pretty good when he was in the league he came off the bench gave energy and he can score he has 3 point range I really liked his game denver could use him off of their bench right now actually a lot of teams could use him last year he averaged 9.9 points and 4 rebounds off the bench in 22 mpg thats pretty solid in my opinion.

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This guy is might the best player in my national team and still young, and he is NBA style player, he needs to be here...something like Jazz would be nice place for him

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could be getting a big contract in nba next season, if he keeps it up. I like linas with the jazz he would be an good fit with the offense. Sloan might not like his defense though wich could hold him from significate playing time.

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