Surprise rookies so far

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Surprise rookies so far

Darren Collison 11ppg 2rpg 4apg 1spg
Speedy guard, took over for CP3 for a while did a very good job manning the point and leading the Hornets to several wins. Had a clutch 3pointer vs Milwaukee.

Omri Casspi 10ppg 4rpg 1apg
Sweet shooting small forward, very nice touch. can deliver in clutch games is helping Reke and the Kings pile up some wins.

Marcus Thornton 12ppg 2rpg 1apg
Since Bower took over Thornton and Collison have excelled, very good off the dribble attacks the rim relentlessly.

Jonas Jerebko 7ppg 5rpg
Don't know him that much that's why he's a surprise.

Chase Budinger 9ppg 3rpg 1apg
Very smooth player, nice shooting touch, high basketball IQ, nice steal for the Rockets.

DeJuan Blair 6ppg 6apg
Hard working big man, gets minutes off Duncan. Plays hard all the time and plays with a lot of intensity, poor man's Elton Brand.

Johnny Kilroy
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needs to be added to the list. He's been pretty good so far this season!

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what about?

hasheem thabeet for a BAD surprise, i thought this guy was gonna be a force not the 11th man off the bench for a bad team

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most people knew thabeet

most people knew thabeet wasnt gonna do much..and you have to add the rookie for the bucks..the european sf/pf. i dont think too many peopel are suprised by blair though..pretty much most people up here actually thought he would be starting

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Deeds, Good Points but ...

With one exception, I agree with your list of top rookies. DeJuan Blair is no surprise to anyone who follows basketball. I was one of many who said he should have gone somewhere in the middle of the first round.

And what makes you think Chase Budinger has a better basketball IQ than any of the other names you mentioned?

As Johnny Kilroy mentioned, Ty Lawson should be on that list.

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good list

good list, dude. Point up.

I'm kinda surprised how well casspi plays on the fast break, it's pretty fun to watch.

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I got some serious point

I got some serious point dockage this summer for saying Jonas Jerebko would make an all-rookie team, but oh well, he is fitting in well with Detroit's scheme and is filling in very nicely for Prince.

Thabeet has showed some recent improvement. When given minutes he has produced more, he still is a little soft around the hoop and picked up some dumb fouls which are things he will probably struggle with for a bit still, but he had back to back 9 point games including a 9 pt 6 rp 3 blk performance against Portland and is averaging 4.6 rbs and 1.4 blocks in his last 5 games in only 14 min. #2 pick worthy, probably not, but don't count him out as a bust this soon into his career, he has gotten a lot better in only a month or so of pro ball.

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oh yeah Lawson's really

oh yeah Lawson's really impressive playing back-up on a championship contender team, nice dunk on Mbenga by the way.

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i knew blair and Jerebko

i knew blair and Jerebko would be good. Blair is a great rebounder he was dominant in college a lot of rebounding is strength which he is making him great at boxing out and he has a big wingspan and i knew Jerebko would be a good defender. ill admit i thought the rest of those players would be scrubs.

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