Nate Robinson

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Nate Robinson

He hasnt played in 3 straight games not due to injury or anything but the coaches decesion and it looks like they wont be playing him anytime soon. Should they look at trading him or will they end up playin him because hes way to talented to just be sitting on the bench

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yeah trade him for a quality

yeah trade him for a quality big man.

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If they are going to trade

If they are going to trade Nate they should give him some playing time. The Knicks should just play him, cause who are you really gonna get? Another marginal player! They already have enough of those.

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its kind of hard to trade

its kind of hard to trade nate because he doesn't really bring ahole lot to a team that will get them over the hump or help them win. he can score but its usually out side of the teams offense which is why i dont think he got any serious offers this past summer

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i agree

with quincy, he's a nice sparkplug off the bench but he's got behavioral issues...

i think he's simply fallen into d'antoni's doghouse and d'antoni likes the versatility in larry hughes and toney douglas instead of the instant offense yet head-strong nate robinson

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An underssized JR Smith, I

An underssized JR Smith, I think he can play a similar role to Smith, being a sparkplug of the bench for a contender

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Nate should be playing he

Nate should be playing he can still run the point though not as good as Duhon with the pick n rolls obviously
He's a better shooter than Duhon and Hughes.
He needs to focus on defense and stop going crazy every time he makes a shot esp. when Knicks are losing.
This short rotation doesn't make sense on back to back games.
Your already have Curry and Darko out and Jordan Hill's minutes get limited minutes too.
Jeffries is a nice intangible player who can guard diff. guys but he can't make shots or creat for other guys he shouldn't get more than 25 minutes really.

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This should teach young

This should teach young players not to chuck up shots at their own basket. He's on a one year contract, so he has value for that. Cant see any teams trading a good player to rent a 5'9" shooting guard with attitude problems for 2/3 of a season, regardless of contract situation.

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Trade him to Charlotte for

Trade him to Charlotte for Raymond Felton

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He probably doesn't have a lot of trade value. If a team wants to rent a backup pg off the bench, they would like a veteran. He isn't much more than a scorer. Most teams have players who can fill that role.

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Mike Brown doesnt want him.

Mike Brown doesnt want him. He has DJ on the bench not playing because he doesnt play defense. That is Nate. All offense with not much IQ for the game and no defense.

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