Pacquiao vs Mayweather

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Pacquiao vs Mayweather

Hey guys, i know this doesnt belong in this type of forum. Im sorry. but i feel like no one reads all the forums. with the biggest fight of the year scheduled, who ya got? I gotta go with my guy Manny Pacquiao becos he has the combination of strength and quickness. I think mayweather will finally be beaten and get handed his first loss. Before you guys start baggin' on me, again, im sorry i put it in this forum.

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Mayweather will win.  He is
Mayweather will win.  He is too good of a defensive fighter.  He is going to counter Pacquiao all night.  Sure Pacquiao is quick but Mayweather is quicker. You can't just try to overpower or outpunch Mayweather.  That has already been proven.  Don't believe all the hype about Pacquiao, the media is just trying to blind you.
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He's winning. He pretty much has every advantage on Manny. Quickness, conditioning, taller w/ longer reach and clearly just a specimen. Only advantage Manny might have Mayweather is toughness, and I'm not even sure if he has that lol.

Love Manny...Read an article that b-ball is his true love and that he's just to short to play professionally LOL. Only way I see Manny winning is if he lands a knockout and catches Mayweather sleeping or if Mayweather thinks he's gonna get an easy win and doesn't train hard which obviously isn't going to happen cause Manny is a fantastic boxer.

More of a MMA guy, but this is a fantastic fight. MUST WATCH! Excited for this fight.

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Manny vs. Money

I'm going for Pacquiao because he is that damn good... This fight was created because fans want to see Mayweather lose... If he didn't then Pacquiao fans would definitely be disappointed but I think Manny has a very big chance here... He is capable of beating bigger guys like Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton and it will be a big challenge in which he needs determination and hardwork times 10 to beat Floyd... Plus, he has Freddie Roach who is considered as the greatest trainer in the world today... At the end of the day, I am going with my Filipino brother Manny Pacquiao...

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pac man

manny all day, ppl been doubtin this dude for a long time and yes floyd is a great defensive fighter but no one has hit him the way the pac man is about to, i feel as tho he will be shell shocked. KO victory for pacquio

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Let's just...

That’s the fight that I am waiting for. It may seem that I’m not the type who is sporty but when it comes to boxing… I can’t say anything. I’m a bag fan of both boxers so I am in between. Let’s just wait and see them on the ring. Surely many will be heading for payday loans to watch their fight.

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