Dhamp2: Oden out for season

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Dhamp2: Oden out for season

You can't help but feel for this guy. We were finally starting to see some potential. He wasn't where he should've been, but he was on his way. It's almost as if we all saw this coming. I'm really not surprised by the injury. Many big men have had leg and knee problems......Just ask Bill Walton.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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Jaron (drunk and former UCLA standout) was more talented that Brandon and Kareem Rush
What happend to Jermoe Moisio of UCLA....he never really got a chance
Melo will lead the NBA in scoring
Brandon Jennings will win ROY
Wesley Johnson is a top 15 pick and the best transfer in America
Jameer Nelson has fallen off
So has Delonte West
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Re: Chicks

haha. Women do not exist on the Internet. lol Whoever claims they are a woman and actually frequents this site regularly is just some guy with attention/ gender issues they need to sort out.

If we could somehow disguise this site as a forum for Martha Stewart stuff, then maybe. Our plan could be like: um.... Denis Rodman Dressed up as a Woman before? Join our site?

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re: tli232

Orange Juice Jones said you were kidnapped by John Bryant what you had college tests or something?

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In actually response to the Oden topic lol...

It's a darn shame with Greg Oden. He would probably be more of a feature on offense if he were on a bad team, but he took on his role in Portland. He ranked #1 in Blocks per 48, being that surefire defensive threat, with a developing game. This injury only prolongs his development, while obviously questioning further his durability for an NBA career.

Gortat is probably the most obvious choice in terms of replacement for this season. If I were Portland, I'd try a Andre Miller & Juwan Howard for Gortat & Anthony Johnson trade. Miller would fill in nicely in Orlando with Jameer Nelson out for at least a month. There's an impression Miller has a big contract, but really it's only a 2 year commitment with a team-option the 3rd year. He could be trade bait next season should Orlando acquire him and not find much in his contributions.

Gortat has a long 5-year contract making the same money annually Miller is. If Orlando was willing to take on that guy when he averages such little playing time, they should be willing to take on a proven veteran like Miller.

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yeah tli232 the dana one is

yeah tli232 the dana one is one of them and we all know who she really is....likes props to one poster a tad to much

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