DeMar DeRozan

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DeMar DeRozan

As a raptors fan I am more than happy with him, I think most people calling him a bust were wrong, his ball handling isn't bad, he kills many players on his crossover. What do you think of him?

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i watched the game tonight

i watched the game tonight and also against hawks..first of all, he really could be the guy in the future who shoots 10ft per game, and he really can score with contact..and i agree, i thought his ball handling was worse.
BTW his two dunks tonight were really impressive!

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He has played better than I

He has played better than I thought. I thought he was overrated, even athletically, but he has made some impressive dunks and shown better scoring instincts and ball-handling than I'd ever seen from him. I believe he could develop into a Richard Jefferson type, with the potential to be the lockdown defender Jefferson was earlier in his career.

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does anybody see 10 free

does anybody see 10 free throw potential in this draft (ballhandling and strength; athletic, ability to draw contact)

I have never seen Rodney Green (La Salle), Paul George, Wes Johnson, John Wall scoring PG

killer instinct is imperative
DeMar wants to be the best,

I cannot speak on nobody's heart in this draft but I can say that those guys probably
have MISMATCH potential at the 2 guard position,

and ability to get to free throw line
I like George the best but idk that's me being biased

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i think in a few years when

i think in a few years when the game slows down for him he could average around 18ppg and a couple highlight dunks a night

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