New Jersey and Minny: Missions Impossible?

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New Jersey and Minny: Missions Impossible?

Hey let's really discuss this in detail for fun guys. You're either the TWolves or the Nets (or both if you want to). You won the lottery in a strong draft with 5 instant impact players, but the unquestioned top prospect is John Wall. You have a ton of cap space for a strong Free Agent class but no All-Star wants to sign with you. The team owner says you have to improve your team win total by more than 7 games in order to keep your job. What are your moves?

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You draft John Wall & sign

You draft John Wall & sign the best available free agents.

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7 wins isn't a lot

7 wins isn't a lot considering neither will win much the rest of the season.
Especially since the East is still a fairly weak conference.
Plenty of very good free agents available that will sign.

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1) Draft John Wall. 2) Sign

1) Draft John Wall.

2) Sign Rudy Gay or (hopefully and) Al Jefferson in free agency.

Harris, Wall

CDR, Lee

Gay, Williams

Jefferson, Yi

Lopez, Boone

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Just wondering if Minnesota

Just wondering if Minnesota gets the first pick, would you really draft another point guard after what happen with the last draft? You got Flynn, Rubio, and Sessions.

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