Some guys on here..Laughed when i said Demarcus Cousins might be a top 10 pick..........

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Some guys on here..Laughed when i said Demarcus Cousins might be a top 10 pick..........

Someone made a post asking if there was any player that might challenge Walls for the number overall pick..I dont think anyone will be chosen ahead of Wall unless he get's hurts or decides to remain in school..But if Cousins plays up to his potential he might be in the conversation..I never said he'll go number 1....Cousins is starting to blossom...In high school he was a Billy Owens type..A big guy that tried to do it all......But Coach Cal wants him playing inside...Once Cousins gets comfortable and work on a few things....He's going to explode

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Im still laughing...he wont

Im still laughing...he wont be a top 14 pick

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I don't see a top 3 talent.

I don't see a top 3 talent. Late lottery to mid-first round talent at best.

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Im still laughing at top 3,

Im still laughing at top 3, no way in hell he goes top 3, unless Michael Jordan is drafting

I think he can squeeze himself into the lottery, if a couple other top prospects decide to stay in school

But 15-25 is his likely range

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He had some serious

He had some serious struggles against quality UNC big men today, 2-7 fg 1-5 from the line with 4 fouls 5 points and 5 rebounds. I didn't even see a top 10 pick today, UK got the W, but he was out played by Ed Davis and Deon Thompson.

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He's gotta get that attitude

He's gotta get that attitude in check before he can really evolve as a player. He doesn't even look like a lottery pick right now, and he damn sure didn't prove otherwise today against UNC.

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Hes got a horrible attitude,

Hes got a horrible attitude, but I would take him over Ed Davis, Cole Aldrich, or most other big men....So yes i think top 3 is too much but he could be top 10

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no way is he a top three

no way is he a top three pick, UNC's front line got him in foul trouble and his attitude kept he on the bench. I don't think he can play against long athlethic front court players, which are a dime a dozen in the NBA. He has talent, but he is not a great athlete and he is a cry baby.

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i think

he needs to stay in school for at least two more years and really hits the weights and increases his athleticism he def has potential to be a top ten pick. he's huge!! besieds wall he probably has the highest ceiling in this freshman class.

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Man Rudeboy, sounds like

Man Rudeboy, sounds like those same guys are still But he has to stay on the floor and out of Calipari's doghouse to really be a legit NBA prospect, because if he makes the silly mistakes he makes now (fouling jump shooters, shooting contested 20 ft shots, reaching in in helpside D to name a few), I find it hard to imagine him correcting them in NBA against much tougher competition.

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billy owens or lebron james

billy owens or lebron james type??...are you serious?..did you watch billy or lebron in hs?..i mean dont get me wrong cousins was good in hs against not so good big men but lebron and owens were on awhole nutta lebel (mad tv) he expectations for both of those guys were alot higher then for cousins. you see how much trouble cousins had against actually pro caliber big men on saturday didnt you

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