How 'bout them Hornets?

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How 'bout them Hornets?

So they got CP3 back, Peja was doin' his thing while he was out. We know what the others can do & they got their new coach. They sittin' at 8-11 and the West is starting to re-gain their form. Well Spurs are still struggling, but Clips & OKC look to be pushing for that last spot and the Jazz are in a groove (Thanks to Carlos Boozer). Anyways, CP3 was 6-13 from the field, 1-3 from deep, and perfect from the line (3-3) for 16 points. He added 6 rebounds, 15 assists, and 8 steals with 3 turnovers. MAN what a stat line. Dude led them to a victory over the T-Wolves in his first game back. They got Sac, Minny, & NYknicks next. Back to .500 soon? Playoffs Still? I don't know what Portland and Spurs are doing and my Rockets are doing their thing. Memphis is 4 games under .500, but I don't think they will contend for a spot. All I'm saying is, Things are starting to turn around in New Orleans. They should be a .500 ball club soon and from there it's all on them how the season turns out.

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I think when it is all said
I think when it is all said & done the Hornets will be in the playoffs.  
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I dont think so...The

I dont think so...The Thunder have overtaken them and are a better team...Plus any signifigant injury cripples this team they are not deep at all

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David West has to step up,

David West has to step up, and they still don't have a starting shooting guard, even though Marcus Thornton has looked pretty good.

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