LeBron James on Derrick Rose

2 of my favorite players playing together???.... in the 2012 Olympics of course...

LeBron commented about Derrick Rose stating that he'd love to play with him someday...
''Especially on an Olympics team,'' he said. ''He's a great point guard and a great player. I love watching Derrick play. All he's going to do is get better and hopefully in the 2012 Olympics he can be part of the team and we'll have some fun.''

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Sorry but i dont think

Sorry but i dont think Derrick Rose is an all star yet...yet alone good enough to be on the Olympic team...

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has declined this season and it may be due to the injury or maybe teams focusing on him some more with Gordon gone and now Hinrich hurt although Deng isn't playing too bad and Salmons is starting to score like we know he's capable of. Rose is an All-Star, but I doubt he gets the nod this year...it'll be tough. He's going to have to pick it up in the next two months.

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Hes not an all star, but the

Hes not an all star, but the injury he has most players wouldnt have played on it....shows you his toughness and in my opinion is a little bit of an exuse for his declined play....Hopefully he picks it up, as he goes so too will the Bulls

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Did I say All-Star?

Did I say All-Star? Did I say that? I said 2012 Olympics... Geez... Did you ever even pass your elementary years? I didn't say All-Star because I thought D Rose's game has declined quite a bit... But 2012 Olympics is a possibility for Rose...

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most players wouldnt have

most players wouldnt have played on it?..most players do play with sprained ankles. most do in college and hs also. i sprained mine so bad a couple of times where i could barely walk but i put a gang on tape on it and a splint so i could play. unless a player cant walk at all (in most cases) they will go out there and play. not saying rose isnt tough but he isnt doing something thats unheard of in the nba that other players dont do

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