The Best Athletic Trainer

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The Best Athletic Trainer

Aaron Nelson- I know it's long overdue but you have amazed every NBA fan out there for keeping the Suns through all 82 games... From Amar'e Stoudemire's microfracture surgery, Shaq's resurgence and Grant Hill's finding of the fountain of youth... You have been considered as the best athletic trainer... Shaq was always injury proned coming from Miami but you help him through it all. You help Amar'e resurge after suffering from a dangerous and career threatening injury... You helped Grant Hill feel young again despite him being 37... So by far, Aaron Nelson, you are the best...

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Im a big fan of the guy from

Im a big fan of the guy from Denver. When are they ever hurt?? Those guys go there and play pretty much all year long. A big thing that defines a trainer is prevention of injury along with healing an injury. I agree with the Suns too.

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damn fizer, I have to give

damn fizer, I have to give you props. I'm a fan, but I can't tell the difference between trainers and stuff. You are dedicated. Seriously though, I heard Shaq say the suns trainers were the best. Personally I like that dude with the nuggets who looks like a steroided white man with dread locks.

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LOL @ llperez22. I'm watching him right now on NBATV working wtih Nene

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Tim Grover and Steve Hess

Tim Grover and Steve Hess

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