Noah got Served??

So yall have all seen the dance movies where a fight breaks out over someone dancing, right?? Well it happend in the Bulls/Cavs game. Lebron danced, Noah bitc*ed, Lebron bit*hed, Cavs dominated.

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i actually have learned to

i actually have learned to like noah in the nba. In college, he was satan.

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Noah was right though...

That's very disrespectful during the middle of the game... LeBron's a flawed individual for that... He acts like he's very humble as far as basketball, but that's far from the truth...

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noah -= lebron

2 wrongs dont make a right.

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Looking at this video...

Looking at this video... LeBron is hilarious lol. Still not coo what he did at that point in the game though.

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Hubie Brown

Hubie Brown--- Yessir! You're not alone when you think that you were surprise when LeBron came approaching the Bulls bench.. because there's really no need for him to do that... But I guess, when you win a lot and you make fans and teammates excited, you couldn't help but do stuffs like that... but expect guys from the other team to show a little bit of frustrations because to them, it's a slap in their faces...

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Completely disrespectful. I mean dancing, come on, but what made it worse was him walking over to the bench when he's suppose to be shooting free throws. That's how fights start. To me that should be an automatic 1 game suspension because it's just like a guy coming onto the court. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but as time has went on I start to like Lebron less and less to the point that I can't stand him and I was a big fan when he first came into the league. You're up by 19 with 6 minutes left. Act like a man.

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I respect Noah for standing

I respect Noah for standing up for him, especially to LeBron...most players that would of had a problem with Lebron would of just kept their mouths shut

And Terrence Williams was dancing on the Nets bench in the last 2:00 minutes of gameplay, was that lesser-disrespectful than Lebron dancing? Or is dancing at all, just wrong?

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I was watching that game,

I was watching that game, and Lebron was ridiculous. If your team is up by 20 you don't need to be dancing around trying to draw attention to yourself. Yes, the team was dancing and having fun before the game, but Danny Green and other Cavs weren't riverdancing with Lebron in the 4th quarter of a blowout. I'd like to see how Lebron would react if someone was dancing on the sideline when the Cavs were getting blown out.

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Joe Wolf

pretty much said it perfectly, I'm sure LeBron wouldn't like someone to be doing that to his team...

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i mean

im not the biggest noah fan but lebron had no class.. dancing on the court during play? c'mon thats pretty wack. yeah its funny but sooo disrespectful

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Lebron's dancing may have

Lebron's dancing may have been "disrespectful"but considering he was doing his own thing and Noah took issue with it makes Noah seem stupid. You call Lebron out on the free throw line when your sitting on the bench, Lebron said "What happened?... So what?.... Whatchu talkin bout?" Noah definitely has NYC in him cause he cant shut up. And considering the ammount of dancing he's done over his career at Florida, he should be the last one saying anything. No one else on the court said anything, because its unnecessary. Players get screamed at if they get dunked on, Mutombo with his finger wag, players get disrespected all the time. You just dont see the recipient of the abuse keep talking. Especially when hes on the bench.

And to answer Joe Wolf. If Lebron saw someone dancing on the other team during a blowout, he wouldnt say anything to anyone. When he loses, thats what he does. He wouldnt talk to his teammates, the media, or fans and would probably come back at that team with extra anger. Lets see if Noah backs up his talk, because Lebrons play speaks for itself.

And like Hubie said, why did no one on the bench tell Noah to keep his mouth shut? Your player is starting shit from the sidelines. Lebron was taking his freethrows

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I agree Mkadoza, Winning is

I agree Mkadoza, Winning is fun, Im sure he wasn't doing it to be disrespectable.

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noah must have said

noah must have said something beyond just joking. wish i knew what he said

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The Bulls assistant coach

The Bulls assistant coach sitting next to Noah seemed to think it was funny, I wish i knew what it was too.

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