D Wade

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D Wade

I'm watching the Lakers vs Heat game and Mark Jackson said he thought D Wade was the 3rd best shooting guard of all-time. Do you agree or disagree?

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It's one of those "era"

It's one of those "era" arguments. Jordan and Kobe are 1 & 2. Based on career, Jerry West should probably be 3rd. But Wade would beat West against each other obviously. I would still put west ahead of him rtight now with Wade maybe 4th barely ahead of Drexler.

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I would personally put Wade

I would personally put Wade third, since I did not see much of the older guys play.
Even though he might not actually be the third best, but he is definitely right up there

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I agree with jackson

I dont know about the other shooting guards in the hall of fame, but i think he is the third most skilled shooting guard in the league.

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