Resurrecting The Sixers

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Resurrecting The Sixers

As you may or may not know, I have have made a few posts regarding how I would fix the Sixers. This time around, I have monitored who's hot, who's not around the league, as well as well players rumored to be traded. I really liked the move to bring Iverson. I wished they brought him back during the off-season. Anywho, here's what I got for the rest of the roster:

1. 4-way trade with Boston, Dallas, and Sacramento
Boston receives: Quinton Ross, Shawne Williams, and Kris Humphries
Dallas Receives: Sheldon Williams, Primoz Brezec, and Andres Nocioni
Sacramento receives: Samuel Dalembert and Tony Allen
Philadelphia receives: Kenny Thomas and Brian Scalabrine

Summary: A re-done version of an original trade proposal by Sacramento involving Dalembert, Thomas, and Nocioni

Pros: Boston would receive a solid defender off the bench. The team has struggled to find that guy since Posey left, and while Daniels sort of makes up for the scoring void, Ross would make up more on the defense. Humphries would help on the offensive rebounding; the team's main weakness. Williams is a trade-filler.
Dallas adds F depth with Nocioni. He could play both forwards spots off the bench, spread the floor, and brings the intangibles that Dallas tends to favor in their role players. Williams brings more defense than Humphries would contribute. Brezec adds C depth, which they lack with Dampier being their lone true C.
Sacramento sets themselves for cap-space in 2011 like they wanted, and Philly gets immediate cap relief.

Cons: Would Dallas be willing to take on Nocioni's 3 year contract. Typically, Mark Cuban will pay if he feels it improves the team. Nocioni over Ross and Williams certainly does. And for Sacramento, they were already rumored to want Dalembert for the aforementioned reason.

2. 3-way trade with Detroit and the LA Clippers
Detroit receives: Chris Kaman and Ricky Davis
LA Clippers receive: Elton Brand and Tayshaun Prince
Philadelphia receives: Marcus Camby and Kwame Brown

Summary: Altered version of the Kaman for Prince trade.
The rumored deal sends both players to their home state, but if such a move were to happen, it would leave LA very shallow at the C position. So another team would have to be included.

Pros: Detroit gets the C they desperately need, and a guy with true 2-guard size in Davis.
LA gets a proven SF in Prince, and the guy that probably should have never left in Brand. Remember, the original plan was to have Brand and Baron Davis pair up. Well now they can, along with Prince. This is without mentioning Blake Griffin. Clipper fans seem to be growing weary over Kaman and his style, so I think many would endorse this move.
Philadelphia gets immediate cap relief once again.

Cons: Would LA being willing to take on the long term contracts of Prince and Brand? To me, it's becoming apparent that Thornton isn't the starting SF of the future for LAC, so Prince would be a welcome addition. As for Brand, the Clippers were going to offer the money he's making now (albeit they assumed better numbers, just like everyone else). Unless there is bitterness with Clipper management for him leaving, they should welcome him with open arms. As for his production this year, he's his most productive surprising at the 5 spot (16ppg in 32mpg in games where Dalembert plays 20 min or less at C. Brand takes on the C spot in these games, and Young plays the 4). Putting Griffin and Brand and the 4 and 5 would be one tough duo, even if neither is a true C. That's just the way the league is these days.

3. Trade with Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City receives: Andre Iguodala, Rodney Carney, Royal Ivey
Philadelphia receives: James Harden, Thabo Sefolosha, and Etan Thomas

Summary: A team ready to make a run in the playoffs trading with a team in rebuilding mode.

Pros: OKC receives a high prolific player in Iguodala; a guy who can handle to ball, pass, and can guard the opposing team's best player. Rodney Carney can provide the 3-point scoring Harden was, albeit not as high of a rate. But he's more dynamic, and would probably thrive better in the winning environment OKC is turning to be.
Philadelphia gets even more cap relief with Thomas's contract. Sefolosha provides solid defense, and Harden could be the 2-guard of the future.

Cons: This trade receives the most critisism. Why would Philly trade their franchise player? Why would OKC trade a rookie they haven't seen develop? To me, it makes sense based the summary: OKC is in playoff mode, where Philly is trying to revamp itself out of NBA purgatory; being an average team getting average draft picks, and always being average. Both teams need to make a serious move if they want to help get accomplished what they need this season. Watching a lot of Sixers games, I don't think Iguodala and Young can play together going forward. One would have to go to see the other reach their potential. While I would pick Iggy over Young in a heartbeat, reality shows Iguodala provides more return value. As for Oklahoma, they would never see Harden's full potential anyway since he would never be a main option with Durant and Green. At least for Iguodala, he would probably be a better 2nd tier option based on his style of play. While Harden is a humble player accepting of his role, I think he's a guy who could be a quality scorer in this league.

Jrue Holiday (has the size to guard 2's)...Louis Williams (yes, I would like him to be part of a dynamic bench)
Allen Iverson...James Harden
Thabo Sefolosha...Jason Kapano
Marreese Speights...Thaddeus Young
Marcus Camby...Jason Smith

Remaining Guys: Etan Thomas, Willie Green, Kenny Thomas, Brian Scalabrine, Kwame Brown

Summer of '10: Draft best available swingman or center.

Trade a 2011 1st round pick to Charlotte for Tyson Chandler, assuming Chandler exercises his player option. Being that much under the cap allows this move for the Sixers, and Charlotte is cleared of 12.7 mil.

Ultimately, this would leave the Sixers with about 15 mil in cap space. However, I would like them to save it for the summer of 2011 when they would have more cap space, as well as their young guys would be improved.

Ok, so these scenarios require luck, as well as fortunate circumstances. But as far as trade ideas go, these seem as realistic as possible without the Sixers making a senseless move, or taking a complete loss. But yeah, I would like feedback.

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Kenny Thomas's contract is a

Kenny Thomas's contract is a hot commodity right now but i think the kings will let it expire... the kings didnt pull the trigger with Samuel Dalembert and an old 3 way trade that was very similar to this one so why would they do it a second time around....

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Not only that but...

Not only that but with the way that Nocioni has elevated his game these past few weeks, the Kings might think twice about trading him, at least while Garcia is injured.

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IDK about these trades...

IDK about these trades... These are a little extreme and mainly only benefit the 76ers.

Trade scenario #1... This trade doesn't make any sense for Boston or Dallas. The only thing separating Ross from Allen is health, which isn't the case at this point since Allen is now healthy. Humphries can score better, but he'd basically bring the exact same thing to the table that Williams does. Dallas on the other hand is really pleased with Humphries right now. He's kind of picked up that role that Brandon Bass used to play. The Kings would benefit more from just letting Thomas' contract expire than bringing in Dalembert.

Trade scenario #2... Dunleavy is stupid, but he isn't this stupid lol. It'd make no sense if he brought back Elton Brand, especially after he just traded Randolph to clear playing time for Griffin. Especially not when you consider the money Brand is owed. One of the reasons he signed with the 76ers in the first place was because the Clippers were hesitant to pay him that much when he was just coming off of the Achilles injury. He's had shoulder surgery since then... He's damaged goods, not to mention he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way when he signed with the 76ers. Trading Kaman and Camby would leave the Clippers with DeAndre Jordan at center, who's just not ready. Brand can play at center, but he's a power forward... An undersized one at that. Dunleavy's job is on the line... The Clippers need to make the playoffs or come close. Trading Kaman and Camby wouldn't be helping that. Thornton may not be the future at small forward, but he's playing extremely well right now. Prince on the other hand is out with a bad back. The only teams this trade benefits are the 76ers and Pistons.

Trade scenario #3... This is the only one that makes a little sense to me. I doubt the 76ers would trade Iguodala, but the way you broke this one down does make sense.

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Ok, as much anticipated, there was going to be criticism...

Ricky: There's a reason why I referred back to the Original Dalembert, Nocioni, Thomas trade. I mention in the post that it's a play off that. The reports after the original rumor indicated that an unnamed team pulled out of the deal. I'm taking a guess that it was Boston that did, and why blame them? They were going to have to take on a 3-year commitment to a guy that would not play that much. With that type of money, of course it wouldn't be worth it. I believe Sacramento was still on board.

BalAllan, I get what you're saying about Nocioni. But I think his minutes are more influenced by Sacramento trying to increase his trade value. They have Casspi and Greene waiting in the wings, so given their circumstances, they should take on any reasonable deal that gives them cap space for 2011, since they've stated that's what they're interested in. Why do you think they were willing to unload on Martin?

Tezo, I think you generalized Ross & Humphries a bit. Yes, in terms off their contributions to the box score they don't provide much difference. But Ross is a better on the ball defender than T. Allen, as well as having more size. As for Humphries, he is more of a regular on the glass than Williams. But for a guy that Dallas is really "pleased" with, he picked up a DNP-CD a few games ago, as well as 20 combined minutes in his last 3 game appearances. Williams can provide some defense Humphries can't for Dallas. I just think that for players that won't be given that much playing time anyways, try getting players that fill needed roles better.

Did you really compare Randolph and Brand? Randolph had to go because he's a selfish offensive player that would have inhibited Griffin's development. At least with Brand, he bring his contributions just as much defensively, while being able to play along with other bigs in the past. All the reports I've read haven't said they feel animosity towards Brand leaving, just disappointment. The only issue appears to be would the Clippers be willing to take on the contract. A general assumption is that Brand is severely underachieving, which makes his contract appear that much more of a load. But over the last 9 games, he's averaged 15 ppg, 8 rpg, 2bpg in 32 mpg. The numbers probably would have been a little better if his playing time wasn't so influx. Get him back into a system he's comfortable with in L.A., and I think you'd see the old Brand.

Chris Kaman isn't exactly the most beloved player in L.A. Him and Dunleavy never really got along. And when Gordon & Griffin come back, I would not be surprised to see Kaman's number's plummet. He has a habit of playing very poorly when he has to share the court with other dynamic scorers. As for Thornton, the only thing really up with him is his scoring up 5 ppg from his typical average. But he really doesn't do much else, including 0 3's during an 11 game stretch, along with 2 tpg for a guy who doesn't have the ball in his hands that much. He'll come back to Earth when Gordon comes back. Obviously a Prince trade would occur after he returns from his injury.

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I respect you for caring

I respect you for caring about your franchise so much!

Being a Sixers fan is probably one of the hardest NBA teams to root for. Just stuck in the middle, no lottery picks and no 2nd round of the playoffs either. Ew

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Tha King2121
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In every post you have made about the sixers your whole idea is to trade away
the sixers for a whole new team. the funny thing is none of these trades would happen
Trades dont just go like that.

The trade including james harden was so lobsided iggy for Harden.........come on
a 20ppg scorer for James harden. i know hes a rook and will be great but not for iggy
hes are best player

and why the hell would the LA clippers trade both there down low people? i know that
giffen and brand would be a setback from Kamen and Camby

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iggy was on a bs contract

iggy was on a bs contract pardon my french he just got and extension so the sixers been had the time in money to rebuild but giving it to brand? that was a bad move then firing mo because brand got off to a bad start? bad move i live in philly mo is a big reason iggy plays the 2 now but if we rebuild now around iggy in a few others we can make alot of noise in a couple years i think iggy is more of a soild 2nd option then a first he does everything plays d,,rebounds,passes,,scores,,, shoots well its funny the game ai came back iggy was shooting highly contested 3s with no problem untill the started double teaming him..but the sixers need todo somthing now

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