William Buford

Turner is playing great and is keeping ohio state up their, while Buford is playing poorly and no one seems to be mentioning this. He is playing more poorly then last season and hes really inconsistesnt. Averaging 10.3 pts 33% from the field for someone like him is terrible uncharacteristic 66% from the free throw line. What do u think he needs to do to improve his game and hows this affecting his draft status

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he is a 4 year player

The only time I saw him play was against North Carolina and he shot them out of that first half. He is an immature player now. Has a good looking shot and big frame for a 2 guard, but I dont think by any means he is a really good prospect. Plenty of room to grow and might play in the league, but Im not sold as of now.

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i dont see

why buford is a better prospect than manny harris...buford is like you said very inconsistent and one-dimensional while manny harris is an amazing scorer, defender, and rebounder...just not that great of a shooter

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Buford needs to work on

Buford needs to work on creating his own shots, but he does have alot of upside because of his size and shooting ability. But I'd have to agree with Manny Harris being the better prospect, especially as of right now.

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