How should the drafts have gone

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How should the drafts have gone

Tell me what order the players should have gone in these drafts





also, name the biggest steals of the drafts, in your opinion.

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I'll just list the top 5 and

I'll just list the top 5 and the steal.
Lebron, Wade, Melo, Bosh, Kaman
steal: Mo Williams
Roy, Rondo, Gay, Aldridge, Bargnani
steal: Rondo or Leon Powe
Rose, Beasley, Mayo, Westbrook, Lopez
steal: DeAndre Jordan, I thought he would at most be late lottery, but 2nd round, man, the clippers made a good pick, he is going to be good.
09 ( Blake Griffin has not played a minute yet but I think he is still the best player in this draft, so..)
Griffin, Evans, Jennings, Harden, Thabeet (because the defensive presence, and size)
steal: Budinger (I have no idea why the f uck he would slip so bad)

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2003 1-cavs-Lebron


1-cavs-Lebron james
2-pistons-Dwyane wade
3-nuggets-carmelo anthony
4-raptors-chris bosh
5-heat-david west
6-clippers-chris kaman
7-bulls-josh howard
8-bucks-kirk hinrich
9-knicks-mo williams
10-wizards-tj ford

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2003 Lottery picks:
1. Cavaliers - LeBron James
2. Pistons- Dwyane Wade
3. Nuggets- Carmelo Anthony
4. Raptors- Chris Bosh
5. Heat- Chris Kaman
6. Clippers- David West
7. Bulls- Josh Howard
8. Bucks- Kirk Hinrich
9. Knicks- TJ Ford
10. Wizards- Mo Williams
11. Warriors- Travis Outlaw
12. Sonics- Mickael Pietrus
13. Grizzlies- Boris Diaw
14. Sonics- Kendrick Perkins

2003 Steal- Mo Williams

2006 Draft Lottery picks:
1. Raptors- Brandon Roy
2. Bulls- LaMarcus Aldridge
3. Bobcats- Rudy Gay
4. Trail Blazers- Andrea Bargnani
5. Hawks- Randy Foye
6. Timberwolves- Tyrus Thomas
7. Celtics- Rajon Rondo
8. Rockets- Ronnie Brewer
9. Warriors- Paul Millsap
10. Sonics- Thabo Sefolosha
11. Magic- JJ Redick
12. Hornets- Kyle Lowry
13. 76ers- Shannon Brown
14. Jazz- Jordan Farmar

2006 Steal- Paul Millsap

2008 Draft Lottery picks:
1. Bulls- Derrick Rose
2. Heat- OJ Mayo
3. Timberwolves- Russell Westbrook
4. Sonics- Brook Lopez
5. Grizzlies- Eric Gordon
6. Knicks- Michael Beasley
7. Clippers- Jason Thompson
8. Bucks- Danilo Gallinari
9. Bobcats- Kevin Love
10. Nets- Marreese Speights
11. Pacers- Ryan Anderson
12. Sacramento Kings- Anthony Randolph
13. Trail Blazers- Roy Hibbert
14. Warriors- DJ Augustin

2008 Steal: Chris Douglas-Roberts

2009 Draft Lottery picks:
1. Clippers- Blake Griffin
2. Grizzlies- Brandon Jennings
3. Thunder- Tyreke Evans
4. Kings- James Harden
5. Timberwolves- Jonny Flynn
6. Timberwolves- Terrence Williams
7. Warriors- DeMar Derozan
8. Knicks- Stephen Curry
9. Raptors- Ty Lawson
10. Bucks- Omri Casspi
11. Nets- DeJuan Blair
12. Bobcats- Rodrigue Beaubois
13. Pacers- Darren Collison
14. Suns- Taj Gibson

2009 Steal- DeJuan Blair

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Josh Howard

What what? You'd take him over Mo Williams? Dude doesn't even play and definitely isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I'd say his draft position would stay the same (late first) or maybe drop because he's injury prone and bone-headed

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fizer's has been the best so far. point up dude.

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in 2003 the pistons didn't

in 2003 the pistons didn't need a sg/pg like wade. they needed/wanted a bigman. i personally think it should have been:

1. LeBron James - Cavs
2. Carmelo Anthony - Pistons
3. Dwyane Wade - Nuggets
4. Chris Bosh - Raptors
5. Kaman/West - Heat

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Bosh would have gone #2. not Melo. They needed a big. The only reason they took Darko was cuz they had a championship starting 5. They tried to trade #2 pick bt they didnt so they just drafted Darko. Also Wade was supposed to drop as low as #25 lol

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