a treat for wade fans

this information is from youtube and all credit goes to there and to the user who posted it.

I found this interesting. Wade's style is easily compared to Jordan's, though there are a lot of differences. There hasn't been a player close enough to sir Jordan since he's left. Wade has, imo, the best leadership skills in the nba. He plays at a level that only the greats of the nba have ever achieved. He's one of the best defenders in this league and has an extraordinary feel for the game on either side of the court. He can take over the game on either side of the court at anytime if he puts his mind to it.

30ppg, 7.5apg, 5.0rpg, 2spg/1bpg - 79 games, + bringing the heat from a previous season of 15 wins to the next seasons 43. Yet, it still wasn't enough to get past the hype and fan favorite lebron james. It sucks when an extraordinary player is always a shadow to a player that struggles when it matters. Call me biased, I just see the closest thing to jordan.

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100% agreed I saw a post

100% agreed
I saw a post couple days earlier, that MJ is actually 6-4 something, and Wade is also 6-4, so now this comparison is more accurate.

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if you

if you have the ball, whether you're trying to set up a play, post up, on the fastbreak, drive to the hoop, or get off a shot..... Wade's there to do what he can to stop it. and a good portion of the time will stop it.

To be honest, I would get a gut twisting feeling to know if wade was guarding me.... I'd probably sh*t my pants too. Quote me on that.

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