Best for Dwade

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Best for Dwade

Dwyane Wade is in his prime and is going to sign the biggest contract of his career. He is going to be an extremely rich(er) man come the summer of 2010. He wants to win another championship but where will be the best place for that to happen?

I would like for everyone to post you think will be miamis lineup next year and if it is better than chicagos with wade.

Miami- possible team next year
Chalmers- PG
Wade- SG
Beasley- SF
Boozer- PF
Bosh - C

this team is possible buy very unlikely. nobody knows who might go to miami next season to team up with wade, but it could end up being a great team.

Rose - PG
Wade- SG
SF- Deng
PF- Gibson
C- Noah

I think it is safe to say that is pretty much what the starting team will look like if wade does head to his hometown.

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hmm, if the heat have that

hmm, if the heat have that line up then MIA is way better than the bulls. I mean any back court with wade is nice, and a front line with Bosh, Boozer, and Beasley would be one of the best in the league. I don't know if the heat will get both bosh and boozer. Would be nice.

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if the heat can sign Bosh

if the heat can sign Bosh and resign O'Neal to a cheaper contract, I think it will work better than the Bosh Boozer combo, since O'Neal does not need the ball as mush as Boozer, but again, Bosh and O' Neal both prefers to play in mid-range, the heat would be better off with a banger in the paint, beside they got Beasley who is also a faceup big, so if they can sign Bosh, I think they need a physical presence in the middle to really become one of the elite teams in the league.
I do like wade to go to CHI tho, he could be the new MJ in town, which is more interesting to watch.
but for winning purposes, I think wade should stay in MIA and let Riley bring in another superstar.

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Did everyone forget that the

Did everyone forget that the combo of Bosh/O'Neal was terrible before. Im pretty sure that Beasley is really developing as a PF. If they sign anyone, it needs to be a C or a SF because Chalmers is playing very well next to Wade and I think that Beasley is the future PF. Get a C that stays in the post, because Beasley is a midrange guy, or a SF that can play off the ball and make plays. Everyone wants them to get Bosh, but I think they should focus on resigning O'Neal to a cheaper contract, and try to get Johnson and Pryzbilla or Chandler. Imagine:
PG - Chalmers
SG - Wade
SF - Johnson
PF - Beasly
C - O'Neal/Pryzbilla/Chadler

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