Mario Chalmers

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Mario Chalmers

ive said this before i think he is gonna be really good. i saw him play against the Bucks and he took over that game with his slashing and three point shot he just need to more aggressive more often hes already one of the really good defenders in the league and i think he could put up a lot of points and assists if he didn't have Wade, basically playing point and Chalmers and O'Neal shooting a lot he can be really good if hes aggressive more but he would be im sure id he didn't have Wade, Chalmers, and O'Neal, i think he could be good on a team that's bad.

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Yeah,I agree with you

Yeah,I agree with you birdzilla, his stats don't really reflect the caliber of player he is. He has struggled with his shot a little early on but has bounced back nicely, he had 30 a while back and has broke for a few 20+ outings this year. Like you said he just is doing what his team needs him to do, which is bring the ball up and compliment D-Wade. I think he reminds me of Kirk Hinrich a little bit, and could put up similar numbers as Hinrich did as a starter if given the right situation, and i don't even think he'd have to be on a bad team to do it.

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he's good now without being

he's good now without being on a bad team. i think hes a very good player and underrrated. i think miami is a great fit for him... rumor is that the lakers have an eye on him also. would be great if we some how got him

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he reminds me of fish

he reminds me of derek fisher, not too gifted in any way but is a solid leader, ball-handler and can win games although his decision making on and off the court needs work

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Yea he's a pretty good

Yea he's a pretty good player. Nothing that spectacular about him, but he's going to be (and arguably is) an above average PG. He's a good defender, a solid passer, and a good spot-up shooter, but he's not exactly the most talented offensive player. He seems like an overachiever to me, but he's still a good young PG.

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Mario Chalmers

Chalmers will be an all star point guard. He can get to the basket and his three point shot is getting better and better. He already plays great d.

He is developing into an all-around point guard !

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Pretty good when you consider he fell to the second round. Still like to know how that happened.

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