Flip Murray

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Flip Murray

Is anyone else legitimately sick of this guy...let me give you my opinion on him, he comes off the bench and feels the only thing he needs to do is look for his shot. He is a horrible point guard, he is shooting 61% on free throws, averaging 29% on 3-pointers, 39% field goal shooting...he isnt overly talented, not a great shooter, average athleticism...his role should be to quit the team not to come in and go for 8 points and 3 to's all while killing the bobcats momentum and taking away looks from his actually good teammates...he is a very bad version of gerald green (yes, it DOES exist)

last 5 games:

NOV 22nd: 10 pts, 3-11 shooting, 3 turnovers, 2 fouls, 0 assists
NOV 25th: 0 pts, 0-4 shooting, 3 fouls, in 17 mins
NOV 27th: actually plays well goes for 4-6 shooting and 10 pts w/ 3 assists
NOV 28th: 2-8 shooting, 1 turnover in 21 mins
NOV 31st: 2-12 shooting, 0-5 3 point land, 4 fouls, 1 turnover in 24 mins

he comes in and does nothing but huck up shots, kevin martin does the same thing but he has a beautiful J and can get away with shooting 23-28 times a game cuz he can make baskets

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I like Flip and right now he

I like Flip and right now he is in a rut but his job is to be points off the bench and Bobcats need scoring so what is the problem other than right now his how is off.

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