Gallo with 27 points and 10 rebounds!!

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Gallo with 27 points and 10 rebounds!!

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Kids a stud, he can do it

Kids a stud, he can do it all
Now all the Knicks fan are happy(not)

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Man, he played good but does

Man, he played good but does a 27 point performance really deserve a post? Plus this was vs the Suns and they scored 125+, we know he can shot now he needs to put the ball on the floor!

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LOL, The Knicks absolutely

LOL, The Knicks absolutely dominated the Suns, wasnt ever close...

As for Gallo, Honestly...i really like him, but attempting twelve 3's in one game is a bit much, 12/19 shot attempts were 3s
But nonetheless, hes great, wayyy better shot blocker than he'll ever get credit for

very good game by the Knicks, and please...give credit when credit is due

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Attempting 12 threes

I think it is perfectly fine to attempt that many threes as long as you are shooting them at a higher percentage on that given night, which he was making six out of the 12.

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He is a good shooter but 12

He is a good shooter but 12 threes is a lot, some teams don't take that many

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what about

david lee, this guy goes for 20 and 10 on a given night and never gets any credit, he squeaked in 24 and 8 tonight and nobody says boo...this guy is legitimately talented, next year if NY can somehow by all the powers of god lure LeBron to MSG they could have a lineup like this (and maybe draft a PG like sherron collins)

PG-Chris Duhon/Nate Robinson/Sherron Collins
SG-Wilson Chandler/Toney Douglas
SF-LeBron James/Marcus Landry
PF-Danilo Galinari/Jared Jeffries/Jordan Hill
C-David Lee/Eddy Curry

this is suggesting larry hughes and al harrington do as predicted and leave town

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Gallo had some dunks he

Gallo had some dunks he played good defense, blocked shots.
Whenever the Knicks run good things happen.
Playing a slow half court game doesn't work well for them they don't have have great 1 on 1 guys or post up options. I rather he take the 3's than Duhon or Chandler.

As for next year you can't have Duhon here as a starter really especially with Lebron here need a guy who can hit shots consistently. Douglas would be the back up PG and Nate a back up SG.
Larry Hughes wouldn't be a bad option as a SG he can play the PG position too and his defense is pretty good.

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This trade works and Houston

This trade works and Houston does not seem to want T Mac back how about Brian Cook and TMac to the Knicks for Larry Hughes contract Cutino Mobleys and Milicic. All contracts are expiring. T Mac would kind of throw off what the Houston Rockets have been doing.

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Is he a PF or a SF?? If he

Is he a PF or a SF?? If he is a PF, he is just the kind of player that D'Antoni needs, if he keeps playing like this, to build his team around. He needs a Dirk type player that can cause problems for teams with a huge frontcourt. Now all Mike needs is a C that can run and jump. He really doesnt even need to be able to shoot that well. Just have an insided presence. What if they could get Okur to go with Gallari. That would be a very very "Euro" line up.

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Gallinari needs long help

Gallinari needs long help defenders in the post like Bird had Parish and McHale

impo he is a very good player to build around at the SF just my opinion

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