2010 NBA Hall of Fame Candidates

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2010 NBA Hall of Fame Candidates

The Shoe-ins:
Karl Malone
Scottie Pippen

On the fence (or even deserving?)
Dennis Rodman: 5 time NBA champ, 2 time Defensive POY, 2 time All NBA 3rd team, 7 time Defensive 1st team, 2 time NBA all star
Marc Jackson: 2nd all time assists leader, 1 time all star, top 10 in assists for 11 out of 17 seasons
Glen Rice: 2nd in 3pt field goals made, 3 time NBA all star, averaged 20 or more points in 6 seasons

Other eligible players as of this year: avery johnson, jamal mashburn, horace grant, charles oakley

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I think Rodman should be in

I think Rodman should be in there definitely, as long as he promises to wear a SUIT while saying his wedding dresses or belly shirts please!

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Malone , Pippen, Rodman and Bernard King should be locks

I dont think Mark Jackson or Rice will ever make it...There are several players that had better careers than them...Like Bernard King, Chris Mullin and Dennis Johnson...Ralph Sampson is an interesting figure...1 of the best college big men ever...Had a few good years in the pros before injuries shorten his promising career...Did he do enuff to be voted in? Malone & Pippen are locked in...Rodman should make it and is very deserving..His stats speak for itself..But voters might hold his off the court antics and outrageous personal life against him.........Coaches Rick Pitino, Don Nelson and Rudy Tomjanovich might be voted in..Oscar Schmidt was 1 of the dominant international players ever..Referees Darrell Garretson and Dick Bavetta might make it...Owners Jerry Buss & Jerry Reinsdorf are eligible ....Buss might get in...But Reinsdorf has rubbed too many people the wrong way......he might never make it....

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To me Mashburn was a better

To me Mashburn was a better player in his prime than Rice, though Rice had the longer career. Also, I think Rodman is a shoe in for the Hall. If he had no off the court issues, he'd be a no doubter, and its a shame that his personal life could keep him out of the hall. As competitive and relentless as any player in the history of basketball, I really hope he gets in.

And how about the possibilty of the 6 biggest names of 2 powerhouse teams in the ninties going in the Hall in a two year span. Jordan, Pippen and Rodman, and Stockton, Malone, and Sloan.

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The rest of the candidates/prediction

Chris Mullin, Jamaal Wilkes, Bernard King, Don Nelson, Dennis Johnson, Rudy Tomjanovich, Rick Pitino, Jerry Reinsdorf, Jerry Buss, Sarunas Marciulionis, Al Attles, Muggsy Bogues, Ralph Sampson, Tex Winter, Dick Bavetta, Darell Garretson, Bobby Hurley Sr., and Oscar Schmidt are among other candidates.

My prediction:
Karl Malone
Scottie Pippen
Bernard King
Dennis Rodman
Rudy Tomjanovich
Don Nelson
Jerry Buss

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I think Schmidt and Bavetta have very high chances of getting in too. Schimidt is probably the best player to never play in the NBA and he absoleutly dominated the Olympics. Bavetta is a great referee and one of the most likeable ones of all time.

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I always thought scottie was

I always thought scottie was overrated. I think glen rice should get in.

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my picks:


I think Rodman, King, and Winter just miss out.

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Jason Kidd just recently surpassed Mark Jackson as the second all-time leader in assists...

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