Julian Wright

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Julian Wright

Im not sure whats with this guy. He looked to be a solid college player but in the pro's he has yet to find his spot. To me, hes not offensively gifted enough to be a starting SF (he proved that earlier this year with subpar play) and hes not big enough to play PF. At best, he could be like a joey graham (4 points, 2 rebounds, in 12 minutes a game) gonna say the jury is out on him.

any thoughts?

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He needs a new team.

He needs a new team. Playing with a different cast of people in an uptempo game would probably help him flourish. IMO, he needs to have the ball alot and he cant do that with Paul running the show.

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He was NO's starting sf this

He was NO's starting sf this season, and played his way into garbage minutes after 15 games in the year. His inconsistancy plagued him, he'd look really good one night and then fall back and force shots and turn the ball over the next. If he can find his way to New York or Pheonix he may be able to jumpstart his career, but I agree with 8thdeadlysin, he needs a change of pace. He blew it in NO and it's going to be really hard for him to earn his time back unless someone gets injured and he redeems himself.

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