2009 fantsay football awards...

mvp- drew brees, chris johnson, andre johnson, rivers,favre, mjd, peyton manning

most improve player-miles austin, mike sims walker,vincent jackson,sidney rice, ray rice, deshawn jackson, mario manniham

rookie of the year- percey harvin, knowshon moreno,piere garcon, austin collie, matt stafford, mark sanchez

sixth man -rashard mendenhall,austin collie,robet meechem, vince young, steve breaston,

the bust player of the year- Lee evans, Steve smith of the panthers, jake delhomme, clinton portis, t.o, brayon edwards, matt ryan

Manager of the year- Pj, Thetruth, Gatorheels, turtles

most active manager- thetruth,gatorheels, turtles, r-dot, kacey, bu.

vote for one by each catergory

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here goes mine

mvp-drew brees
most improve-deshawn jackson
sixth man-austin collie
rookie of the year-harvin

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lol of course you say that

lol of course you say that about T.o after 3 of his last 4 games were double digit games and the other was 8.5.
i dont know how you can give it to jackson too last year he had a good year but both Rices did nothing.

mvp- chris johnson,
most improve player-sidney rice,

rookie of the year- percey harvin,
sixth man -rashard mendenhall,

the bust player of the year- matt ryan

Manager of the year- Gatorheels

most active manager- thetruth

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MVP:  Chris Johnson Most

MVP:  Chris Johnson 

Most Improved:  Ray Rice 

Rookie:  Percy Harvin 

6th man:  Mendenhall

Bust:  RB-Matt Forte  QB-Jay Cutler

Manager of the year:  Turtles

Most active manager:  Truth 

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how is Aaron Rodgers not up

how is Aaron Rodgers not up there for MVP lol?

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MVP- Drew Brees and Chris

MVP- Drew Brees and Chris Johnson

MIP- Sidney Rice

ROY- Percey Harvin

6th Man - I don't understand this one (Mendenhall and Meachem are starters for me now) No Vote

BOY- Steve Smith (Panthers) and Brandon Jacobs


MAM- thetruth

Champion of the year: kacey (vultures)

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most active manager- thetruth

most active manager- thetruth

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Tax may no longer be an issue

Tax may no longer be an issue in 2014 should the Lakers look to reload with cap room, a move they haven’t made since the team signed Shaquille O’Neal in 1996.

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Aldridge is coming off

Aldridge is coming off offseason surgery to repair a slight labral tear in his right hip, a procedure he said was proactive. While he was a finalist for the U.S. Olympic team, Aldridge's recovery prevented him from earning a spot on the squad that won the gold medal in London.

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