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now we all know 2010 is the year where things could go crazy.
we know that year is lebron james big decision.
we know the teams in the running for him. cavs, knicks, nets, maybe the heat
so the truth is bout to break it down for yall on what lebron is probly thinking in his head. come on just because he said he was gonna stop talking about it doesnt mean he stop thinking about it.

1.New york- THE GOOD - the city that never sleeps with the bright lights, MSG always pack with celebs espciallly spike lee. lebron always play well in that arena. maybe he loves the arena, the celebs watching, or he just likes torching the knicks. since last year hes been link to him for 2010. we all know the knicks suck. but we cant deny the talent this roster has. gallnai(i know i didnt spell it right) is a good shooter who is coming into his own, chandler he is so underrated , the jury is still out on hill, but if everything goes right he'll be alright big market means big endorsements, mike dantoni system would be perfect for bron he can run all day and dunk, shoot . the cap space the knicks could land him and get a bosh or stoudmire maybe wade to be his sidekick. imagine if lebron wins nba titles here, his legacy would be sealed.

THE BAD- his privacy. hes from a small town in akron. so of course hes not gonna be used to camreas flashing around everytime he walks out his condo in nyc, not to mention his kids getting snap too.
the fans- no disrespect to you knicks fans but when yall lose games or whatnot. yall do not be hesistat to boo the team or the star player(a-rod)
failure(not winning titles) , Mike dantoni- sure hes a good offensive coach but what about defense. Lebron is not going for no were just try to outscore teams like boston , magic, in the playoffs and dont play d. and expect to win . no sir no buddy.

2.New Jersey THE Good- Jay-z, russian billionaire, brooklyn, Great supporting cast in harris, Lopez,Lee, Twill,Cap Space to sign another star.

The BAD-coaching- whos gonna be his coach there will factor his decision, supporting cast- will they help or sit there and watch him do everything himself, will they be ready to play in the playoffs against teams like boston, hawks, magic .

Clevleand The GOOD- its close to his hometown, most of his family live there, they can offer him the most money and still bring in some help for him. he can be the first to bring a title in clevleand, comfort zone,

The Bad-supporting cast , coaching- mike brown is horrible, not winning.

Note- none of these teams are rank in specfic order. also i expect to get some neagtive points from you kncks fans, nets fans and just mean people on here(you know who you are)

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Doubtful the Knicks can sign

Doubtful the Knicks get Wade and Lebron.
If guys like Bosh want to win and both sign for around 13 mill in the 1st year of the contract.
Knicks could trade Chandler for a PG like Rubio then you'd have a nice team.
Throw in Douglas, Hill, Gallo maybe Nate with mid level.
Sign some minimum conract guys and following year trade Jeffires & Curry for some player to teams looking for expiring contracts.
Its a stretch but you never no.

Most guys go for the money but in Lebron's case to sign for the max he makes so much with commercials etc.
Also a few million isn't worth losing a shot at signing another top player.
He can always have an opt out clause and sign a max contract after that.

Doubtful he goes to the Nets yeah they have better young players and there own draft pick but this whole move to Brooklyn who knows if it happens. Jay-z mean nothing he's a minority owner and the Nets always play second fiddle to the Knicks.

Most likely he's choosing between the Knicks, Cavs and Heat.

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