Sitting courtside during last year's dunkfest..Lebron stated he might be entering the Dunk Contest himself this year...Was he caught up in the excitement of the moment? Or will he really participate? If he does, they should expand the field to 10 ...The league would love to see Superstars Kobe, Wade and Vince Carter challenge him for the crown..And add the last 2 champions Dwight & Nate..Along with guys like Rudy Gay,Shannon Brown,Will Bynum and Chase Budinger...Then after the 1st round a player can call out any other dunker..He gets 3 chances for a successful dunk...If he's able to dunk on the guy he automatically gets a 50 and the guy that gets dunk on gets eliminated from the competition..But if the dunk is blocked the guy that attempted the failed dunk gets eliminated and the blocker gets 50..Can u imagine how crunked the crowd would be if they saw Lebron trying to stop Vince from dunking ? Wade trying to block Kobe's Dunk? Nate trying to stop Will Bynum? Or Will Bynum Dunking on Dwight? That'll be MUSTSEETV!!! LOL

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haha thats pretty funny

haha thats pretty funny

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Vince and Kobe are not high

Vince and Kobe are not high flyers anymore so I doubt you'll see them in the dunk off. The other guys like Shannon Brown and DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay would be better competition for Lebron.

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