Kobe Bryant Mentors Vince Young

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Kobe Bryant Mentors Vince Young

Karen Crouse of the New York Times highlights a most odd pairing, NFL quarterback Vince Young being mentored by Lakers star Kobe Bryant: "The winner of four N.B.A. titles in his first 13 seasons, Bryant, 31, was happy to mentor Young, 26, in much the same way, he said, that his father, Joe, and the N.B.A. stars Oscar Robertson and Jerry West guided him.

Bryant's mentoring has meant more to Young since July, when Steve McNair, the former Titans quarterback, was murdered. Young revered McNair and referred to him as Pops.

"I've been asking him different questions to help me get through the process I'm going through because he's been through a whole lot of adversity and things like that," Young said of Bryant. "So why not try to get in his ear and see what he did to get back to the top where he is right now?"

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