pierce dunk on Bosh

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pierce dunk on Bosh

Was it a cheap dunk? I mean I personally thought Bosh would have swatted that it Pierce didn't knee him in the nuts and then grimace at Bosh afterwords..... It kinda did seem like he used his knee for leverage to dunk....

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I dont think the dunk was

I dont think the dunk was cheap compared to the taunting...

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the knee was incidental, if

the knee was incidental, if u pay attention money went up off his wrong foot and with 2 hands

it was an awkward angle a great dunk jumping off the right foot? accidental contact
so the knee was not intentional

and the reaction afterwards make some ppl hate him

I am a Paul Pierce fan bcuz he has been doubted his entire career, he's an underdog

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a dunk is a dunk, but to

a dunk is a dunk, but to flex after hitting Bosh in the nuts was cheap. Bosh would have got that, if Double P wouldn't have got him down low.

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I thought the same when

I thought the same when first saw it
PP should have just walked away rather than flexing his muscle.

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That Knee Was Accidental and as for Pierce

The knee was accidental and as for Pierce, why's he flexing after the dunk. The dude's got no muscles!

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After a dunk like that,

After a dunk like that, who wouldnt flex up?? I have seen people do this forever. As far as the contact, I think it is just a natural reaction. When you see someone coming at you, you naturally protect yourself whether thats with your knee, hand, arm, fist, ect.

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No that was a cheap dunk

That dunk was cheap Paul pierce did not dunk on Chris Bosh. Bosh would have swatted it if Paul Pierce did not knee him. It's not a dunk on somebody if you put your knee or leg out and that hits them first before the dunk.

But this is getting dunked on


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I don't really mind the knee

I don't really mind the knee because it was probably accidental/natural reaction. But to stare down and flex on a dude who you just need in the stomach is not tough or cool.

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The first angle didn't look

The first angle didn't look cheap, but that last replay makes it look pretty bad. I don't think Pierce did it on purpose. He probably didn't realize how blatant it looked or else he wouldn't have been quite so happy about it, but the "flex" isn't that bad anyway. Pierce is a veteran and just doesn't seem like that kind of player to me.

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