Star in the making?

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Star in the making?

I was at the Pittsburgh vs. Eastern Kentucky game watching Dante Taylor to see what type of an NBA prospect he would be and thats when I stumbled across Justin Stommes. He is listed as a 6'7'' guard, but he looked as if he could be an inch taller and still growing. He dazzled me with his smooth moves and incredible stroke. He ended up with 24 points vs a Pitt team that is known for its defense. Having watched the Panthers for the last couple of years and seeing all the players they have had end up in the NBA there is NO question that Stommes will be there at some point. He is a very smart player with great handles and as he puts on weight he could become a 30 ppg scorer. He is averaging around 20 ppg 4 and 4 last time i looked. Just giving you the headsup!

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