DeSean Butler moving up the NBA Draft Boards!

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DeSean Butler moving up the NBA Draft Boards!

After the the first 2 games here in Anaheim, California, its not hard to see why the buzz from the 20 different NBA scouts in the building is growing about Desean Butler. Butler's constant great play and ability to create his own shot at will throughout the tournament has been the best in this 76 Classic Tournament. Most of the NBA scouts that are out here are really High on Desean Butler and feel he will move up plenty of people draft boards rapidly by Big East play.

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link. Also- I would not be


Also- I would not be surprised. He can score and has some upside.

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Butler has been great.

Not just by the numbers alone but also by the great talent that he has displayed in this tournament. Butler will probably be climbing into most 2010 NBA Mock Drafts 1st rd top 20 in the next coming updates

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Someone make a post like

Someone make a post like this about 2 weeks ago, I think he's a Jamaal Mashburn type player, he's a good looking player.

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He was named MVP of the

He was named MVP of the tourney.

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