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now this team is 9-7 so far. but do anyone feels like this team needs to make some moves if they want bto be consider elite with the big boys in the west. i feel like they need a true center . okur is just too soft to bang, always hurt. imagine if someone like a perkins type played center beside boozer. but even boozer is a question mark. hes a free agent next year. so do they try to resign him and go over the cap or do they try to trade him while hes hot. 19.9 ppg 10.6 rpg. but if they do im not so sure the jazz will be a lock for the playoffs. they have too many guards and not enough big man. ak-47 cant be moved because of his fat contract, brewer is inconsistent. i like matthews but hes more like a bench player millsap doesnt look the same out there like he was when he was hungry last year. i guess the money got to him. korver is hurt as well. how long is sloan gonna wait for this team to step up to his coaching. what moves should they make.

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I completely agree and you nailed it with the Perkins-type player suggestion. They need a beast in the middle who gets a little dirty. If not that, they could go Lakers style and acquire a ton of skilled bigs. The Jazz would be a great fit for D. Favors by the way...

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Enter John Bryant.......

Enter John Bryant.......

LOL j/k. Seriously though, Boozer's probably gonna leave, but they have Millsap coming off the bench, and I hope he can step up and replace Boozer next year. Millsap's small for a PF, but his long arms and leaping ability make him a decent shot blocker (better than Boozer, anyway). C.J Miles was looking like a good scorer before he got hurt. He's still very young (22), and I hope that he continues to improve. They're in a good position to improve with a probable top-5 pick in a draft full of good big men.

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I know I retired, but I'll make myself a nice last post.

Are you kidding me? Utah is playing better than I have seen them play in the last six years. They blew Portland to hell with 36 assists yesterday and they are actually playing AMAZING defense. They are better than their record indicates.

For the record, after this season AK's contract becomes expiring, so I wouldn't call it fat. And WHY WOULD WE WANT TO MOVE HIM??? He is playing amazing basketball. He can also play big. He played a lot of power forward last season and even a little center.

Yes we need a shotblocker, but Memo isn't as soft as everybody thinks, and I have seen him LOCK-DOWN Tim Duncan and Yao Ming in the playoffs. He can be a great defender and a great scorer. Just not at the same time.

You picked the worst time possible to talk about how poor the Jazz are playing (you missed your chance). You can think whatever you want but I whole-heartedly disagree with you about the Jazz making the playoffs.

Also love how John Bryant can sneak his way into any conversation.


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