Trade i'll love to see happen..Jamison for Kevin Love

With Gilbert Arenas returning from an injured filled season last year..The Wizards were looking forward to seeing Agent 0 joining fellow All-Stars Jamison & Caron Butler..So high were The Wizards hopes they traded their number 5 pick in the draft for veterans Mike Miller & Randy Foye..Add in young stars McGee,Young and Blathe....And u could see why the Wizards were excited about this season..But 15 games into the season the Wizards are 5-10...And teammates are pointing fingers and blaming each other for the team woes..It might be time to breakup the big 3...Maybe trade Jamison for Bosh

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I agree except...

The BIG 3? Mediocre 3 seems more appropriate. I'm sure they regret getting rid of that 5 pick

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Minnesota would never do

Minnesota would never do this.

Love his still on his rookie deal, he's 20 years of age, and was just about a double/double guy in 25 minutes of play.

Trade makes no sense for the wolves. Love is the only player who truly fits the triangle on that team. Minnesota wouldn't do this deal, for financial reasons, and cuz love is just a kid getting started.

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JAMISON FOR BOSH?! dang I would never ever do that trade if I was Toronto! Jamison is aging and he is the same age as Vince Carter, not to mention we drafted Jamison and traded him for Carter! Bosh is entering his prime and he is playing solid this year!

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they should trade Bosh for

they should trade Bosh for someone by the trading deadline..BECUZ HE'S NOT RETURNING TO TORONTO

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