bobcats vs bucks

who had a better chance to be in the playoff?

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Bobcats I'm not sure Jennings is as great as everyone here says he is. He's been off last couple of games outplayed by Collison, Westbrook and Jayson Williams. The Bucks don't play as much defense as the Bobcats who should be improved on offense with Steven Jackson.

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Bobcats, ever since Redd

Bobcats, ever since Redd came back Jennings has struggled some. BUT He and Bogut had great chemistry, hopefully they can get that team healthy

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Sure enogh, Jenning's has a

Sure enogh, Jennings has a couple of "off" games and people start jumping off the bandwagon they were so eager to ride a week ago. He'll be fine folks. He's trying not to step on Redd's toes and isn't playing as aggressively. He's also just plain missing shots he normally makes. They'll get used to one another and he'll be straight. I imagine he'll end the year around 18 and 6 and be the runaway ROY. Anyway, the Bobcats have the better roster but I don't know if they can put it together. Right now, I'd say the Bucks have the better shot at sneaking in.

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as long as GYPSY JOE DUMARS is the Pistons GM...I'll be dogging him for picking Darko over Wade, Melo and Bosh....Charlotte deserves the bonehead award...Morrison over Gay & Roy...Jordan really liked Gay but he was afraid Gay might be a flop..And thought Morrison would be a safe pick...He was sooooooooooooooo wrong

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im still going with the

im still going with the bucks. once they are fully healthy i think they will be a tough team to deal with. as far as jennings im sure he will be fine.

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