First my "too early" mock draft

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First my "too early" mock draft

just for fun i would try to make my one. this won;t be like preseason predictions but not just from those 4-5 games, it's 50/50

1.J.Wall-easily, still too fast too athletic for everyone and shows that he can shoot sometimes, i see finishing season with 18ppg4rpg6apg2.5spg
2.D.Favors-his start isn't like M.Beasley's but just 24min 14/8/2 and every game getting just better and better so with 30mins he will be near 20/10/3 and don't forget he still will be 18 years old in June!
3.W.Warren- why this site don't love him. 6'4 over 200lbs isn;t that undersized at sg nowadays plus he is fast and very athletic, he is scoring machine he could be very very could sg and if you don't like that idea then you should love his pg potential, crazy handles and 11ast season best combo guard in this draft easily.
4.G.Monroe- another guy who falling in most mocks but he is even more versatility this season and funally he starts to rebound the ball. he will start to get more touches i think so 18/10/3/2 should be here
5.E.Turner-to be #1 or #2 i don't see much potential and he is 21 but hey his statistics is crazy he still will finish season with 20/9-11/6/2, this is too good not to be top5 pick.
6.E.Davis- i think most of you wouldn't agree but this is another young guy who just getting better 24min 12/9/2.5 big time defensive numbers plus 1.3 assists which helps a little in his offense, and last two games with 15.5/11.5 i see that type of stats at the end of the season plus 3bpg.
7.X.Henry- I love this guy, size shooting ability is almost perfect and now he shows he can play some defense and not just shoot in offense and he is playing in Kansas next to Cole and Sharon, i think he really could go that high.
8.D.Motiejunas- my country guy, another big talent from Lithuania! But IDK i don't see him as a #2 pick, he is way too weak to play against guys like Amare, TD..but his offense is very good and he can't fall from top10
9.A.Aminu-his numbers is terrific and now he shows he can shoots 3s so no way he isn't lottery pick, but still don't know how his game will translate to the NBA.
10.C.Aldrich-just do what he does, with more minutes he would be 20/10 guy easily and he is even more impressive shot blocker than Ed maybe but i don't he very big upside and #10 is still high pick.

I think it is enough for the first time lol. so your thoughts? Sidney yet but just YET

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Isn't going 4th...Warren will still be a top-10 pick, but 3 might be pretty high cause his team has been sucking it up so some teams might think he's not a first option and in the NBA he's probably not. Cole Aldrich will probably be higher just because he's the only legit center in this year's draft. Ed Davis might drop, but I doubt it.

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i kinda like it..i dont

i kinda like it..i dont think favors will ever be a 20ppg game guy..i see more of a 15 max since most players stats get lower once conference play starts because theres no more cupcakes. i think davis spot is gonna depend on who picks because he isnt dominating how some people thought he would offensively. i see cole rising pretty high since the nba has started to have better centers every year and a good big man is hard to find. pretty much everything depends on who picks where. i think if you put where you think a team will pick in the draft will give us a closer guess to who might go where

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Its nice but Willie Warren will not go ahead of Evan Turner, Xavier Henry, and I hate to say because he is so hyped but Wesley Johnson. An I'm not a fan of him but wheres wes johnson at? I don't think Greg Monroe will go that high and thats it.

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I live in Oklahoma and can

I live in Oklahoma and can tell you right now Willie Warren will not be picked 3. He may not go in the top 10. And he's not 6 foot 4. He may be 6 foot 3.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hube Brown anyway.

1. R.I.P. Earl Manigualt.
2. Carmelo will lead the NBA in scoring.
3. The Lakers will 3peat.
4. Wesley Johnson is a top 15 draft pick and the best transfer in America
5. Dwight Howard is overated.
6. There's no way Steve Nash should have 2 MVPs, while Kobe Bryant has one.
7. Brandon Jennings will win ROY.
8. Eric Devendorf will be drafted (sorry about that)

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