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i was watching the nets vs. king game and CDR was doing pretty good he was getting to the rack and finishing, getting some boards and doing alright at defense with his long wing span but was lazy some times not closing in on 3's but pretty solid game... Then i was wondering how did this guy drop to the second round he was pretty good in college?

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Everyone thought it was

Everyone thought it was because he played along side D. Rose, Dorsey, and Chance McGrady...LOL jk bout that last one. He's doing it up in the L and showin' he can score. I like his game, he's starting right? I doubt Lee will go to the bench, but this Nets team has loads of young talent.

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yea CDR can play. The Nets

yea CDR can play. The Nets will be fine too once the pressure of the worst start ever nonsense is over. They have players..

Anyway yea, CDR doesn't have a typical NBA game so maybe thats why he slipped. He has that herky jerky style. I think his game is similar to Richard Hamilton actually, which further confuses me how he slipped so much; Hamilton and CDR both went the NCAA championships too--maybe Hamilton would have slipped if he didn't make the "shot"? Who knows why CDR slipped, he is good.

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ive always liked him..his

ive always liked him..his game reminds me alot of artest because its so awkward and he looks out of control even though he is in control. its hard to defend a player like that

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The Hamilton comparison is

The Hamilton comparison is right on target. Both players are built the same way and have a similar game. The only thing different about Rip and CDR is that Rip has a mid range game that can't be touched and CDR was somewhat inconsistent coming out of Memphis with his jumper, but CDR is much more athletic than Rip, with the ability to get to the rack with ease. Why he went in the 2nd round still baffles me. I know Detroit should've took him at #29 instead of trading the pick. A backup 2guard is much needed there, especially with Rip and Gordon out with injuries

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Yea he has an unorthodox

Yea he has an unorthodox game, he has an innate ability to make really tricky shots. He's also an underrated athlete, he looks smooth out there more so than being explosive.

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One word answer= Baller ,people are gonna wonder why he wasnt a lottery pick

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nets will be a nice in a few

nets will be a nice in a few years i doubt they get the fitst pick tho

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