Shaq and the Cavs

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Shaq and the Cavs

So ironically in the game he comes back in the Cavs lose to a mediocre @ best squad. (Bobcats)
Is Shaq really helpin' this team? They were doing pretty darn good in his absence and when he comes back it's back to losing. In the 6 games Shaq was out the Cavs only lost against the Wizards...which was an away game. Although the teams they played aren't Great or even Good teams a Win is still a Win and I wouldn't say the Bobcats are way better then Indy, Jazz, Warriors, Pistons, or 76er's. The only thing that keeps me from thinkin' they are better without him is the Win against the Magic where he helped take Dwight out of his game and that's why they brought him right? Although I don't remember if the Magic were completely healthy that game. So I ask you NBADraft.Net Posters, Is Shaq helping or hurting the Cavs?

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Theyre a better team without

Theyre a better team without him, he gets in Lerbrons way.

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shaq's really hurting them

shaq's really hurting them in the short term with sitting out a few and coming back and messing with the chemistry but in the long run, in the playoffs Shaq will help them you need a low post player if you want to win in the playoffs and lebrons not going to have to take it one on all if they want a chance to win cuz you know shaq wont pull a mo williams- david blaine impression in the playoffs

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Cleveland brought Shaq in

Cleveland brought Shaq in for 1 reason only..Thats to give them an inside presence in the playoffs....

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