Philly 76er's

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Philly 76er's

Mr. Stephen A. Smith has just put up a new article.
Check it out -
So apparently the 76er's are ready to bring A.I back??? :D Great! Lou Williams out 8 weeks with his Jaw Injury and their only back up PG is Jrue Holiday...a Player who hasn't done much since his HighSchool Days.
Allen Iverson would probably love to come back to the team where it all started and Philly wouldn't have to pay much as stated in the article.
Good Move or Bad Move? I think of it as a High Reward-Low Risk kind of thing. He's getting to start, they don't have any scorers besides Iggy, Brand, Young, and Speights and even then Young hasn't been playing like he's capable of, Speights is still young. Brand is doing better, but stil many agree he doesn't fit in with their type of play and Iggy, I like as a player so I won't give a knock on him.

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Before the season started I
Before the season started I didn't think Philly would make the playoffs.  Right now they are tied for 12th in the East.  They need help.  They can't expect to win a ton of games with Jrue starting.  I'm a fan of Holiday but to ask him to lead a team to the playoffs is asking too much.  Iverson on the other hand could do just that.  You have to admit seeing Philly in the playoffs with Iverson on the team would be exciting.  By that time Lou Williams of course would be back fully healthy & Jrue would have matured quite a bit.  They would have a pretty solid 3 guard trio which would make them dangerous come playoff time.  Dalmbert (especially him), Brand, & Thad Young have to step their game up though.  Iggy can't do everything.  So yep overall signing Iverson would be a great move.  In my eyes they have nothing to lose.  They won't make the playoffs if they don't make a move.
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