My man

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My man

my man thabeett is getting use to the nba!
9 points (good for him)
6 rebounds and 3 blocks ( a really good one against lamarcus alridge) all in 18 minutes against portland which has alridge, oden and JP as bigs

please tell me that someone else on this site believes in the big man

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I believe that when you have the right coordination, coaching, and height, you can at least be able to get used to the NBA. I feel bad for him though; to be picked by a team who is known for underachieving and already has two full time big men is not what you hope for on draft day. I think he is going to need to start playing like that every game in order to earn that 18 minutes a game he so desperately needs as a rookie trying to make a name for himself in the NBA.

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1st post

I am shocked not only that he had those numbers but who he did it against, i personally thought he was going to get bullied around for a couple years and never be more than a average starter. Good game for him though

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