Jimmer Fredette

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Jimmer Fredette

Brought this up on another thread, but I think he needs some love and recognition from nba scouts. Last season he took it to Jeff Teague. This BYU PG is very crafty with the basketball, and although not freakishly athletitic he scores over trees in the paint. He is leading BYU to an undefeated record so far averaging 20 ppg, 6 apg, and having a 3.43:1 a:t ratio. I think he can be a solid backup PG in the NBA. Does anyone have any thoughts about him?

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Im with you ncballer....Fredette is SICK! Kid tore it up last year as the number 3 player on BYU and is the clear leader now in his junior year. He has dominated his opponents so far and posted some sick numbers on the way to a perfect record. I definitely think he will be on some NBA team whether he gets drafted or not and if given the chance can really help out a team like a steve blake type of player if put in the right situation. He'll prolly have a hard time guarding guys like B Jennings or D Rose but should be able to handle the bigger physical PGs in the league.

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