Kyle Lowry

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Kyle Lowry

How did this guy not succeed in Memphis? Honestly, when I heard we traded for him I took Morey's word on him and liked how he was young and a product of 'Nova I believe which produces some good players. Seriously though, dude comes in and brings it everynight, every second of the game. Pretty darn good defensive, strong, quick, got that Philly mentality. Then on offense, he been dishin' it out man. Everytime I look @ the game's box score it's like 6 ast, 7 ast, 8 ast, and etc. Dude is doing this off the bench! When I watch the game it doesn't even seem like he's been passin' that much. He alwas bulldozes his way to the rim and draws the foul. He gets to the line quite a bit and his shot isn't too bad. he hardly forces and plays smart and within his abilities. I just can't believe he didn't succeed on a team like the Grizzles with their starting PG being Conley and how bad they are. Heck, he's been takin' some minutes from our starter Aaron Brooks.

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hes a great talent

hes a great talent

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He's a tough PG, and I think

He's a tough PG, a good playmaker, and I think he's the 2nd best defender at the PG spot in the NBA (behind Rondo). But he's not much of a shooter or scorer. He's a very good backup though, especially to a scoring type PG who isn't a defender like Brooks. I have always liked Lowry too..

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lowry is a gr8 defender. he

lowry is a gr8 defender. he didnt succeed w/ memphis bcuz they were makin him split mins w/ their draft pick conley who is overated 2 me

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sometimes guys need a change of pace and scenery, i kinda just happens

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