offseason moves

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offseason moves

so we all have had a pretty good look so far at how most of the teams and their personell are doing this year. everyone speculated on all the major offseason moves by every team... so how are those moves looking right now?
These are my views:
Atlanta- they got jamal crawford, giving the hawks 3 good guards in bibby, johnson, and now crawford and it has been looking very good with him coming off the bench. Two thumbs up.
Boston- signed rasheed wallace to add more depth for the big men and just another veteran guy on a playoff team. He seems to fit in alright with the team and he isnt mad about minutes and starting. He doesnt have the stats he used to but thats not what they signed him for.. Just might be some words said when big baby comes backs and his minutes. So far, two thumbs up.
Charlotte- traded okafor for chandler. chandler just started playing and never was going to be an offensive threat, except for catching lobs, but he still is athletic and brings it defensively. One thumb up, one thumb down.
Cleveland- traded for the big Shaq diesel.. was healthy at the start of season where the cavs looked not so good, and since he has been hurt, lebron has been playing crazy and the cavs have been winning. Cleveland doesnt need 3 centers. Two thumbs down.
Detroit- signed ben gordon. thought there was gonna be a log jam with rip hamilton, but he is hurt and gordon is shining.. Two thumbs up.
Indiana- not a big move, but they signed the lock down defender dahntay jones, who also showed up with some offense. two thumbs up.
Milwaukee- took the dropping brandon jennings who was seen to be the next head case in the league. Too bad he puts up 55 and is rockin the league. Two thumbs up.
New York- traded for Darko, not much to say, he still isnt good. Two thumbs down.
Orlando- traded for VC, looking pretty good and not disrupting their chemistry, first time he actually cared about playing. Two thumbs up.
Toronto- sign and traded for Hedo Turkoglu, offensively he is doing pretty good, but defensively, its bad. He is the worst defender on the worst defensive team in the leauge. He the worst of the worst? Luckily he can shoot. One thumb up, one thumb down.
Washington- traded their pick for a couple veterans for a playoff push. Looks like they could use some young legs, because all of their old legs are becoming injured. So they dont look good for the present or the future. Two thumbs down.
Dallas- traded for shawn marion, hasnt been spectacular and him and josh howard are taking turns playing and being hurt. he will help in the long run tho. One thumb up, one thumb down.
Golden State- chose a small guard(Stephen Curry) in the draft and their big contract small guard(monta ellis) complained about it. the rest of the team is a mess but these two are looking good. Two thumbs up on this move.
Houston- Ron who? Trevor Ariza is looking amazing and the team is actually doing great. five thumbs up.
LA Lakers- So Ariza is making Artest look bad, but he hasnt been that bad and he is fitting in so far. One thumb up, one thumb down.
Memphis- Iverson? Seriously? Atleast they got rid of him before he did more damagae. five thumbs down.
Minnesota- pgs, pgs, pgs... How many do they need. But it actually worked out, they have two good pgs on the team, and they have one over seas. Any of these guys can be traded for other pieces too. Two thumbs up.
New Orleans- traded Chandler for Okafor. Okafor is doing good but the trade disrupted CP3 and the team. 1.5 thumbs down.
Phoenix- picked up undersized center channing frye. Looks great in the system tho. two thumbs up.
Portland- signed Andre Miller to make them a great team from a good team. They are still just good and miller and blake are switching off duties. One thumb up, one thumb down.
Sacremento- took tyreke evans a combo guard instead of a true point guard which they needed. Tyreke is putting up numbas but they could have had jennings.. still a good decision tho. two thumbs up.
San Antonio- got richard jefferson, which was great because their other stars have been dropping like flies. Two thumbs up.

What you all think?

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dont be hating on iverson

dont be hating on iverson too much. other than that. good post

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i dont really like who he is now, hes not accepting his role and being a drama queen about it and not being very proffesional. he has never been about the team and always about himself. Ya, he might still have that quick step and be able to drop 20 any night, but teams are looking away from the selfish players and looking towards team players with all around skills, because these teams wanna win a title

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as of now

Orlando lookslike it commited a crime robbing VC AND Ryan Anderson (he's doing damage) from NJ for basically nobody.

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I cannot agree with you more on what you said about Sacramento, they did need a true PG and after watching Tyreke play against the Nets I am starting to have doubts about his ability to developed into a PG, but the interesting thing about Tyreke is that alongside him Beno Udrih is thriving at the PG spot, he is back to averaging about 16 points, 5 assists, 2 rebounds, and a steal a game.

And I am not sure who was behind the thinking from the Nets side of the Carter deal, they could have at least looked to get a little more benefit from it.

(P.S. I think you are right on about Iverson.)

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