Celtic Fans, I'm Sorry But Your So-Called Commentators Suck

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Celtic Fans, I'm Sorry But Your So-Called Commentators Suck

I love green and you can call me a semi-Celtic fan but your announcers at Comcast, Tommy Heinsohn and Mike Gorman are &$#%#[email protected]! biased to death... Especially Heinsohn...That Grandpa should go back to the Retirement House... If the call doesn't go their way, he would get angry as if he's the coach of the team.... If there was a good play from the Celtics, he'd shout as if he's the number 1 fan... It's annoying to hear... I'm currently watching the Raptors vs. Celtics right now... So damn annoying...

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I listen to Celtics games on WEEI on radio. Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell are good. They no more about the NBA, not just the Celtics, they are a lot more insightful.

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I think Heinsohn is the

I think Heinsohn is the worst announcer in the league. He get's angry at the refs every time he thinks they miss a call and starts acting like a bitter old man with lines like "Are you Kidding me!!!" or "I'm getting sick and tired of these refs!!!" I'm curious to hear if C's fans even like listening to that dude.

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totally agree

Heinsohn is far and away the worst to listen to. If they do the home and away broadcast on league pass ill always listen to whoever the other announcers are.

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i can't

i can't stand the king's announcers. love the kings, but i'd prefer the mute button when the ginger and senile old man say the dumbest sh!t...ALL THE TIME.

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I agree

I turn the volume down when i listen to celtics games, also pretty bad are the trailblazers announcers, and like someone said the kings announcers are pretty bad too and the lakers they have to be the 2nd worst in the league. on the other hand i do like the goldenstate and the clippers announcers.

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