Iverson having a change of heart?

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Iverson having a change of heart?

Allen Iverson announced that he's retiring from the NBA. But is that really the last we've seen from him? Iverson sent a statement to Stephen A. Smith of FOX Sports Radio on Wednesday about his retirement. But, according to Smith, sources close to Iverson are saying he's already having a change of heart after seeing some of the reaction around the league

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Did anyone else see that

Did anyone else see that short lived forum topic by "The alchemist" I think his name was? It was just like AI. "I'm leaving this league because nobody values me and they're wrong.", versus "I'm leaving this forum because everyone here is stupid and my comments are the best you just don't see it"

Personally I hope AI finds a team, he's still fun to watch, I just don't want that team to be my team. I think he felt unwanted and felt he was better off. I know I had a job in the past where I felt underappreciated so I wanted to just quit. Unfortunately at the time I needed that paycheck and couldn't bring myself to do what my emotions wanted me to. He made a quick emotion based decision when we know it usually takes superstars months/years to make the same decision. When his head settles (and hearing people don't think he should retire is helping) he can make a logical decision. I think he'll be back, but of course I always thought Barry Sanders was going to come back too...

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i hope ai doesnt retire! as

i hope ai doesnt retire! as a philly resident i have gr8 memories of ai here! hes not da same player as he used 2 b but he still has plenty left n that tank.

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I dont think he ever wanted

I dont think he ever wanted to retire in the first place, probably felt forced since no team showed interest

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