ESPN doubleheader

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ESPN doubleheader

who wins the first game between Miami and Washington?

Who wins between Oklohaoma City and Milwaukee?

I think Gilbert is going to have a good scoring night and get out of his scoring slump wade is going to be phenomal against Wizards like always he already score 40 points twice against them this season.

Brandon Jennings vs Rusell Westbrook who puts up better stats?

I hope brandon have a good game and i hope the bucks win but i think oklohoma got to much talented but the most important thing they got Kevin Durant.

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Pfreeman your right about

Pfreeman your right about prediction number one... I think the Thunder win, but I look forward to seeing the young players match up with each other. It wouldn't surprise me if Westbrook took the onus to shut BJ down.

Props to Nick Young for his defense... not so much for the missed dunk.

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Really excited about the

Really excited about the Westbrook vs Jennings matchup

Im a huge fan of Westbrook, one of my favorite players to watch

and then you have the amazing talent in Jennings, who speaks for himself

Both great players with the ability to take over games, these 2 point guards will be amongst the top PGs in the league for the next decade

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