Rob Sacre from Gonzaga might be this year's sleeper

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Rob Sacre from Gonzaga might be this year's sleeper

I watched a couple of Gonzaga games last season..But i didnt see Sacre play..Maybe he was injured last season and didnt play ...Last week I tuned in to see Matt Boudin play and Sacre steal the show..And it seems that Sacre is the better pro prospect..He has caught my eyes this year..He has an all around game,good post moves and plays physical .Thats whut missing in the NBA today..7 footers that control the paint ...We're tired of the 7 foot sissies flopping and tossing up 3 pointers..He played solid against teams like Wisconsin , Michigan St. & Cincy..He is averaging 14 points/7 rebounds/1.2 blocks and shooting %60 field goal...If he keeps this up he might be handing hands with David Stern next June...

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Watch out for jimmer

Watch out for jimmer fredette a PG out of BYU. He took it to Jeff Teague last season and is a tough gritty player that plays with a NY attitude. Not a freak athlete, but athletic enough. Could be a solid backup. He is currently averaging 19.8 ppg, 6 apg, 2 spg, owna a 3.43 to 1 a:t ratio shooting 51.9% from the floor and 41.7% beyond the arch.

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Yeah man, I made a thread

Yeah man, I made a thread about him yesterday, haha -

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Mine is Malcolm Lee or Brandon Paul. Both have extreme potential.

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Is the biggest underrated Center in the whole country. His post and back to the back post moves are more refined then i have seen out of any big man in the last few years. He shows shot blocking capabilities are good he had 3 in the last game. The biggest number of his that needs to improve is rebounding. But that won't be that high as Harris is an amazing rebounder so he gets a lot. But the biggest problem is zags rank 4th in the country in over opponent field goal percentage but rank 206th in defense beyond the arc so that means lots of long rebounds which guards Bouldin and Gray pick up

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he's pretty good..wouldn't

he's pretty good..wouldn't call him the biggest underrated center in the country though since there are centers who gets no pub or team gets no pub or air time. i dont think anyone on a good team that gets tv time or ranked can be considered the most underrated in the country

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