Read!! LB, JT, & AI

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Read!! LB, JT, & AI

So word around is Larry Brown has actually contacted Iverson and is now trying to persuade him out of retirement. I think their bond was bigger and better then most thought because of a few bad things that happened between them. Pretty cool to me, A.I should go to the Bobcats, but too bad they got Stephen Jackson, then again. He isn't quick enough to stay with 2 Guards and won't take a Bench spot either I'm guessing, but Augustin has been playing poorly. This won't probably happen, but yeah...& also John Thompson (GeorgeTown Coach) has talked to "The Answer" as well about his future. We'll see what happens.
P.S - I didn't read any threads today due to Thanksgiving so if this has already been posted then I apologize. btw. Happy Thanksgiving All. I'm thankful for the NBA, NCAAB Men's, & This site among other Basketball-related sites. :)

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IDK what Brown is doing but

IDK what Brown is doing but isnt his big thing defense?? He needs to trade Felton, who wont defend, for a cheap contract so he can sigh AI and all of this can be over. That would be a shaky duo, Iverson and Jax. Add in Brown and talk about some dominating personalities.

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