Allen Iverson

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Allen Iverson

I have to start off by saying this dude mad me drop a football and start watchin basketball. I wasn't very tall, so he made me get creative by learning all the facets of the crossover dribble and and high release shots. This guy made basketball fun for every short person in the hood. No disrespect to mugsy, spud, or anyone else but he gave me the chance to hoop on a high level. Its just sad to see him go out on this note. I wish he could realize what he would be able to accomplish with a smaller role. He could easily average 17 a game off the bench on a real contender, especially a team like the nuggets, celtics, cavs, or the magic. But if he hangs it up now, he would have this on his legacy. I would just love to see Iverson go out on top that's all. Is that too much to wish for? Not to me. What do ayll think?

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