The Team To Be Embarassed

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The Team To Be Embarassed

Yes, the Nets are 0-14 now and Lawrence Frank is waiting for his pink slip. But let's face it, the New Jersey Nets are not going to lose all 82 games. It's almost or if not impossible to be in such position. They're going to get their share of wins (though I expect less than 20 now). The question is who will they beat first? The team to be embarassed is not the Nets but the team they're going to beat and stop their losing streak in whatever run it stops. I think the 29 teams feel a little pressure to NOT be the team that the Nets beat since it will be a little embarassing on their part. They don't want to lose to a losing team who is about to set a face-to-face encounter with the dubious record of 0-17 held by the Heat and the Clippers for now. All 29 teams are going to be very careful as to who's who the Nets will beat and stop their bleeding...

So the question is... Who do you think will the Nets beat to stop their losing streak?

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They will beat the Kings
They will beat the Kings Nov. 27th
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They wont be noone for a

They wont be noone for a long time.

Even the Kings. The Kings can blow them out.

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The Nets need to play team ball...

I've been a b-ball fan for years..Seeing a team lose 6,12 or even 17 games in a row isn't entertaining to watch...And i know it should hurt the players to be known as losers..And makes it seems like they're unprofessionals and not trying...For 1 thing, the Nets play to much 1-on-1 and have no team defense...CDR & Lopez are having a great years..But whut good is that when your team is losing? Lawrence Frank & The Front Office should be held accountable.....Byron Scott wasn't appreciated for whut he had done for the organization..He took this team to back 2 back final appearances and he was still a lame duck coach..So whut makes Frank so special? With him they're now the league laughing stock!!! I think its time to give Lawrence Frank his walking papers..But dont feel sorry for him...He can make a good living doing impersonations of Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings...

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I think that teams would want to make sure that they beat the Nets, so that they will not be known as the only team not to be able to beat them.

I also think that the Kings will beat the Nets, due to their style of play and their homecourt advantage. Kings are now 5-2 at home.

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I was gonna say the Kings,

I was gonna say the Kings, but they spanked the Knicks tonight. But hey, look at the bright side: they have a good shot at a top-5 pick in a draft which has plenty of talent at their weakest position (power forward).

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Watch them have the worst

Watch them have the worst record in the league but end up with the 4th pick.

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now 0-15

now 0-15

B-ball fan
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This is pointless to predict

This is pointless to predict meaningless regular season games.

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