Bobcats blowout Raptors 116-81

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Bobcats blowout Raptors 116-81

A pretty lopsided win and considering the Raptors having a better team on paper than the Bobcats, this has to be embarassing... To lose to a Bobcats team by 35, the Raptors have a problem...

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Hedo & Jack both need to
Hedo & Jack both need to step their game up.  Both have been at least a little disappointing this season.
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This Stephen Jackson

This Stephen Jackson addition seems to be a beneficial one....

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Yea, Jackson's been playing

Yea, Jackson's been playing very well for Charlotte and has given them an at least decent scoring punch. He hasn't played the best D, but his scoring is much needed. Flip Murray also has done very well this year scoring for them too at times.

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Bobcats were shooting close

Bobcats were shooting close to lights out all game. Even though we knew Toronto has a pretty weak D since the season started, there wasn't much anyone could have done to stop Charlotte.

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hedo is waste

hedo is overrated c'mon man lol

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Hedo scored for Orlando

Hedo scored for Orlando because they had nobody else who could create for themself. He really isn't that great of a player. He shouldn't be expected to carry the scoring load.

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The raptors have 1 player

The raptors have 1 player who can play defense, his name is Antoine Wright.

Calderon hasnt really been good, but personally as a raptors fan, Im not so high on him TBH, i watch a lot of their games, and I think he seems more comfortable catching the ball on the wing.. maybe he could play the 2? Hes a good shooter.. but he is a horrible defender.. could be the worst starting defensive PG in the league unfortunetly..

Jack has been OK..

I didnt like hte Derozan pick, personally I would have picked Jennings and moved Jose to the 2, and i would have done that even before his start to the season, Im not just hopping on the bandwagon..

Hedo hasnt been that great..

Bosh has had a pretty good start.. but hes not a superstar.. he is a championship level 2nd option on a team.. but I dont like him as the 1st option on a team.. think Pau Gasol.

Bargnani is average.. he is getting better, but he isnt going to be any better than a solid starter.. he can score at times.. is improving his D, and his strength and driving ability.

Personally.. I think Belinelli has been great.. Hes shooting the ball extremely well and scoring great off the bench, I think he is much more talented that Derozan.

Personally, I love the Raps, they have the potential to get there.. but they just cant put it together..

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